CK Catering & Takeaway


Small Breakfasts: 1 sausage,1 bacon,1egg ,1 black pudding, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast  £3.50

Large breakfast: 2 sausages,2bacon, 1 egg, 1 black pudding, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes,toast      £4.50

Extra-large: 3 sausages, 3 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 black puddings, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, chips £6.50

Belly Buster: 4 sausages, 4 Bacon, 3 eggs, 2 Black pudding, beans, mushrooms , tomatos , chips £10

Fat B*****d: 4 sausages, 4 Bacon, 3 eggs, 2 Black pudding, 2 Burgers, beans, mushrooms , tomatos , chips £15

Small Vegetarian Breakfast: 2 hash brown, 2 eggs, Mushrooms, Tomato's, Beans, Toast £3.50

Large Vegetarian: 3 Hash Browns, 3 eggs, Mushrooms, Tomato's, Beans, Toast £4.50

Large breakfast Bap £5.00

Vegetarian Breakfast bap £5.00

Breakfast in a Yorkshire pudding £6.00

Vegetarian Breakfast in a Yorkshire Pudding £6.00

Breakfast Burger £3.50

Add extra items for 50p Hash browns, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, beans, toast, bread and butter

Extra large and belly buster breakfasts if collected come with free tea or coffee


Sausage: £1.90

Sausage and Bacon £2.40

Sausage and egg £2.40

Bacon: £1.90

bacon and egg £2.49

Egg: £1.30

B,E,S,T £2.90

B.E.S.B £2.90

B.E.S.M £2.90

Fish Finger Sandwich £2.20

Fishcake Sandwich £2.20

Hash Brown Sandwich £1.90

Add extra items for 50p: Sausage, bacon, egg, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown,

Make it a Torpedo Roll for £1 or extra large for £2 extra 

xxl for£3 extra   or xxxl for £4 extra

Cold sandwiches served with salad and tortilla chips. £2.20


Turkey and Cranberry

Corned Beef and Piccalilli or Pickle



Egg Mayo

Chicken Breast £2.90

Cajun Chicken £2.90

Chicken Tikka  £2.90

Chicken stuffing and apple sauce £2.90

Pork stuffing and apple sauce


Cheese and pickle


Add sauce 10p

Make it a Torpedo Roll + £1

Make it extra large for + £2

Meal Deal Any sandwich ,chips and drink £4.00 (excludes tortilla chips)

Large Meal Deal £5.00

Extra Large Meal Deal £6.00


All served with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, onions £2.50

Cheese salad



Chicken + £1

Cajun Chicken + £1

Chicken Tikka +£1

Add a piece of fruit and a bottle of water for £1.20

Add bread and butter for £1


Cheeseburger: £2.50

Plain Burger : £2.20

Chicken Burger: Chicken Breast: £ 2.60

Nacho Burger £2.80

Hash Brown Burger £2.50

Sausage Burger £2.50

Bacon Burger £2.50

Chilli Burger £2.70

Meal Deal any above burger, chips and a drink £4.00

Double by pass:  £4.00

(2 burgers 1 sausage cheese)

Triple by pass £5.00

(3 burgers 2 sausage cheese)

Fat Boy £6.00

(4 burgers 3 sausage cheese)

Monster Burger  £8.00  includes chips

( 3 burgers 1 bacon 1 hash brown 1 sausage chilli cheese,)

Add Chips & salad: £1

Add extra Burger £1.20

Add Sauce: 10p


All served with honey, Chocolate sauce or Strawberry sauce : £3.00




Hot Dogs

Large Hotdog with onions mustard and ketchup £2.90

Chilli Dog £2.90

Meal Deal any Hotdog , chips and a drink £4.00

Lite Bites

Chip buttys £2.20

Add either beans, Mushy peas, gravy, Curry sauce for 90p

Egg on toast £2.10

Either poached, scrambled, fried

Beans on toast £2.00

Chips £1.10

Large chips £2.00

Nachos served with salsa, guacamole, cheese £3.00

Sausage egg and chips £3.00

Bacon egg and chips  £3.00

Sausage bacon egg and chips £3.50

Fishfinger chips and beans or peas £3.00

Fishcake chips and beans or peas £3.00

Jacket potatos

 (tuna mayo £2.50

Beans and cheese £2.20

Homemade coleslaw and cheese £2.20

Chilli £2.70

Wraps and Toasties

1 item £1.90

2 items £2.50

3 items £3.00

choose between

sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, fishcakes, hash brown

pork, chicken, turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese, onion, peppers,

Make it a meal by adding chips and a drink for £1.50 extra

Pork chop or Chicken Dinner

served with selected veg, Yorkshire Pudding , stuffing,  Mash and gravy £4.00

Bangers and Mash £4.50

add a large Yorkshire Pudding for £1.20

Chicken Salsa   £6.00

Cooked with nachos, salsa, sour cream and cheese

served with salad and chips 

BBQ Chicken Melt  £6.00

Served with salad and chips

Lasagne £6.00

served with chips and salad

Chilli  £6.00

served with  Boiled rice and nachos

Spagetti Bolognaisse £6.00

served with salad and  garlic bread

Daily Specials £4.00 each

Monday: Shepards pie, Yorkshire pudding, selected veg and gravy

Tuesday: Gammon and pineapple with new potatoes and salad

Wednesday: Homemade quiche served with salad and chips

Thursday: liver and onions with mash potato and Yorkshire pudding

Friday: Homemade chicken curry and rice


Icecream Screwball £1.20   (contains chewing gum)

Kids Menu

Chicken Nuggets, chips and beans £2.50      Meal £4.50

Sausage, chips and beans £2.50   Meal £4.50

Hot dog, chips and salad £2.50   Meal £4.50

Popcorn chicken, chips and beans £ 2.50     Meal £4.50

Chicken breast chips and beans  £2.80    Meal £4.80

Chicken or Pork Dinner £4.00

Packed Lunches

Adults £6.50

choice of any sandwich




we deliver to your  home or workplace.

Milkshakes £2.50

Served with vanilla ice cream, Milk and a choice of either






Mint Aero







Drinks and snacks

Crisps 80p

     Salt & vinegar, Cheese and Onion, Ready salted

All canned drinks 33cl 80p

Tango, Dr pepper, 7up, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Energy Drink

Pure orange £1.50

Chocolate bars £1.10

Tea £1.00

Coffee £1.00

Hot chocolate £1.90

Cappuccino £2.20

Latte £2.20

Mocha £2.50

Decaf Coffee £1.50

Special Deals

3Hot  sandwiches and 2 cheeseburgers   £12

sausage or bacon or egg

3Large  hot sandwiches and 2 cheeseburgers £14

sausage or bacon or egg

Family Breakfast Saver  £20.00

10sausage 10 Bacon 5 Hash Browns 5 Eggs 5 Black Pudding Beans Mushrooms Tomatos grilled 10 toast or bread and butter

4 Drinks Hot or Cold  

Family Burger Meal £15

4 Cheeseburgers And Chips

4 Drinks  

Family Picnic  £12  large £15

4 Sml Cold Sandwiches includes tortilla chips

4 Drinks

4 Chocolate Bars or Fruit  

Takeaway is open from 8am - 2pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am- close

Minimum order of £10

20% discounts for orders over £30   Monday to Friday Only

Preorder your Dinners for Sunday throughout the week and get it for £5.00pp( prepayment only)

We are happy to provide a regular service to businesses wanting food at specific times 

Worksop area only for takeaway service.

Contact 01909 733722