Children's Catering

Catering for a children's party can be stressful why not save time and let us take care of your catering needs.

We can deliver colourful and tasty party food anywhere in Doncaster.  Out sourcing the catering for your party or other event will give you one less thing to worry about.

Pre order for your child's birthday 

Sandwich fillings 

Ham, Cheese, Tuna, Savoury Cheese, Jam, Chocolate Spread, Egg Mayo, Cheese Spread, Potted Meat.


Sausage Rolls, Chicken Dippers, Chicken Nuggets, Pizza Slices, Quiche, Potato Smileys, Mini Burgers, Mini Jacket Potato's with Creamed Cheese and Chive, 

Critter Crudités,  Vegetarian Fingers, Mini Hot Dogs,

Cucumber and Carrot Sticks with Dips.

Tuna and Sweetcorn Pasta

Tomato and Basil Pasta

Crisps Included in all options

Variety of Crisps



Cake Selection

Biscuit Selection

Fruit Cups

Drinks Included in all options

Bottles of fruit Cordial or water.

Option 1   £4.50ph

Pick 2 Sandwich Fillings

Pick 2 Savoury's

Pick 1 Sweet



Option 2 £5ph

Pick 3 Sandwich Fillings

Pick 3 Savoury's

Pick 2 Sweets



Option 3 £5.50ph

Pick 4 Sandwich Fillings

Pick 4 Savoury's

Pick 3 Sweets



Minimum number for buffets are 10 children

if under this amount please get in touch

Add cupcakes to your order 10 for £15

Add Sweet Platters to your order £10  ( Mixture of Jelly and Fizzy Sweets)

Why not add some sandwich platters as well for your guests