Meals On Wheels

Are you looking for regular meals or know of anyone needing meals delivered too your door .

Have you just come out of hospital or isolating due to covid and need short term delivery.

If you are a care provider we can make meals for your clients.

Are you a community centre requiring regular meals. 

Fancy a change 1 night and rather than cooking we can do it for you.

Rather than having sandwiches at work have a meal delivered for that day.

We provide fresh cooked food each day.

These suit all tastes and everyone can order. we deliver Monday - Friday with the option of adding meals over the weekend.

We can also do a menu for children over the summer holidays if required.

These are pre order only

If you would like to add more meals per day then let us know as we can deliver food for dinner and tea

Monday / Gammon, Salad, New Potato's


Homemade Cottage Pie, Vegetables, Yorkshire Pudding and Gravy 


Vegetarian Mushroom and Camembert Pie with Mash, Peas and gravy


Quiche ( Vegetarian), Salad and New Potato's 


Liver and Onions Veg and Mash


Midweek Roast Day Pork or Chicken, Mash, Roast Potato's,

Veg, Yorkshire Puddings and Gravy

Beef Dinner £8


Cheesy Veg Pie, with Mash Yorshire Pudding, Peas and gravy


 Homemade Chicken and Mushroom Pie or Corned Beef Pie Served with

Homemade Chips, Mushy Peas and Gravy


Homemade Lasagne, Chips and Salad


Vegetarian Lasagne, Chips and salad

Friday/ Fish ,Chips and Mushy Peas, 


Scampi, Chips and Mushy Peas 


Homemade Chicken Curry, Rice and Naan


Vegetarian Curry, Rice and Naan

Choose a Pudding

Cherry or Apple Crumble with Custard

Chocolate Concrete and Custard

Apple Pie and Custard

Jam Rolly Poly and Custard

Jelly and Fruit



Below are available to order for everyday 

Homemade Burger, Chips and Salad

Jacket Potato  and Salad ( Choose a filling )

Beans, Tuna Mayo, Chilli, Cheese, Prawn Marie, 

Sandwich, Crisps, Pork pie and Cake 

( Ask for fillings and Cake Choices)

Pasta and Salad

( Tomato and Basil, Tuna and Sweetcorn, Chicken and Bacon )


( Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Cheese, Boiled Egg )

Add a Filling

Chicken Caesar



Chicken and Sweetcorn

All meals are £6 (unless stated) and include a Pudding 

All orders must be in by 12 NOON the Saturday before the week begins

For further information please get in touch with us.


Delivery charges apply