CK Catering & Takeaway


Small Breakfasts: 1 sausage,1 bacon,1egg ,1 black pudding, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast  £3.50

Large breakfast: 2 sausages,2bacon, 1 egg, 1 black pudding, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes,toast      £4.50

Extra-large: 3 sausages, 3 bacon, 2 eggs, 2 black puddings, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, chips £6.50

Belly Buster: 4 sausages, 4 Bacon, 3 eggs, 2 Black pudding, beans, mushrooms , tomatos , chips £10

Fat B*****d: 4 sausages, 4 Bacon, 3 eggs, 2 Black pudding, 2 Burgers, beans, mushrooms , tomatos , chips £15

Small Vegetarian Breakfast: 2 hash brown, 2 eggs, Mushrooms, Tomato's, Beans, Toast £3.50

Large Vegetarian: 3 Hash Browns, 3 eggs, Mushrooms, Tomato's, Beans, Toast £4.50

Large breakfast Bap £5.00

Vegetarian Breakfast bap £5.00

Breakfast in a Yorkshire pudding £6.00

Vegetarian Breakfast in a Yorkshire Pudding £6.00

Breakfast Burger £3.50

Add extra items for 50p Hash browns, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, beans, toast, bread and butter

Extra large and belly buster breakfasts if collected come with free tea or coffee


Sausage: £1.90

Sausage and Bacon £2.40

Sausage and egg £2.40

Bacon: £1.90

bacon and egg £2.49

Egg: £1.30

B,E,S,T £2.90

B.E.S.B £2.90

B.E.S.M £2.90

Fish Finger Sandwich £2.20

Fishcake Sandwich £2.20

Hash Brown Sandwich £1.90

Add extra items for 50p: Sausage, bacon, egg, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash brown,

Make it a Torpedo Roll for £1 or extra large for £2 extra 

xxl for£3 extra   or xxxl for £4 extra

Our extra large sandwiches are served on a 5oz bread cake

Cold sandwiches served with salad and tortilla chips. £2.20


Turkey and Cranberry

Corned Beef and Piccalilli or Pickle



Egg Mayo

Chicken Breast £2.90

Cajun Chicken £2.90

Chicken Tikka  £2.90

Chicken stuffing and apple sauce £2.90

Pork stuffing and apple sauce


Cheese and pickle



Club sandwich

(3 slices of bread with bacon and chicken, Lettuce tomato and cucumber served with tortilla chips and sweet chilli dip)


Add sauce 10p

Make it a Torpedo Roll + £1

Make it extra large for + £2

Meal Deal Any sandwich ,chips and drink £4.00 (excludes tortilla chips)

Large Meal Deal £5.00

Extra Large Meal Deal £6.00


sausage and bacon. £2.40

sausage and egg £2.40

Bacon and egg £2.40

Bacon sausage and egg £2.70

Bacon sausage egg and mushroom £3.00

chips and cheese £2.70

Hash brown £2.00

Cajun Chicken, salad and cheese £3.00


All served with lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, onions £2.50

Cheese salad



Chicken + £1

Cajun Chicken + £1

Chicken Tikka +£1

Add a piece of fruit and a bottle of water for £1.20

Add bread and butter for £1


Cheeseburger: £2.50

Plain Burger : £2.20

Chicken Burger: Chicken Breast: £ 2.60

Nacho Burger £2.80

Hash Brown Burger £2.50

Sausage Burger £2.50

Bacon Burger £2.50

Chilli Burger £2.70

Hawaiian  £2.70

Meal Deal any above burger, chips and a drink £4.00

Double by pass:  £4.00

(2 burgers 1 sausage cheese)

Triple by pass £5.00

(3 burgers 2 sausage cheese)

Fat Boy £6.00

(4 burgers 3 sausage cheese)

Monster Burger  £8.00  includes chips

( 3 burgers 1 bacon 1 hash brown 1 sausage chilli cheese,)

Add Chips & salad: £1

Add extra Burger £1.20

Add Sauce: 10p


All served with honey, Chocolate sauce or Strawberry sauce : £3.00




Hot Dogs

Large Hotdog with onions mustard and ketchup £2.90

Chilli Dog £2.90

Meal Deal any Hotdog , chips and a drink £4.00

Lite Bites

Chip buttys £2.20

Add either beans, Mushy peas, gravy, Curry sauce for 90p

Egg on toast £2.10

Either poached, scrambled, fried

Beans on toast £2.00

Chips £1.10

Large chips £2.00

wedges regular £1.20

wedges  large £2.20

5 onion rings £1.00

10 onion rings £1.80

Nachos served with salsa, guacamole, cheese £3.00

Sausage egg and chips £3.00

Bacon egg and chips  £3.00

Sausage bacon egg and chips £3.50

Fishfinger chips and beans or peas £3.00

Fishcake chips and beans or peas £3.00

Jacket potatos

 (tuna mayo £2.50

Beans and cheese £2.20

Homemade coleslaw and cheese £2.20

Chilli £2.70

Wraps and Toasties

1 item £1.90

2 items £2.50

3 items £3.00

choose between

sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, fishcakes, hash brown

pork, chicken, turkey, ham, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese, onion, peppers,

Make it a meal by adding chips and a drink for £1.50 extra

Pork chop or Chicken Dinner

served with selected veg, Yorkshire Pudding , stuffing,  Mash and gravy £4.00

Bangers and Mash £4.50

add a large Yorkshire Pudding for £1.20

Chicken Salsa   £6.00

Cooked with nachos, salsa, sour cream and cheese

served with salad and chips 

BBQ Chicken Melt  £6.00

Served with salad and chips

Lasagne £6.00

served with chips and salad

Chilli  £6.00

served with  Boiled rice and nachos

Spagetti Bolognaisse £6.00

served with salad and  garlic bread

Daily Specials £4.00 each

Monday: Shepards pie, Yorkshire pudding, selected veg and gravy

Tuesday: Gammon and pineapple with new potatoes and salad

Wednesday: Homemade quiche served with salad and chips

Thursday: liver and onions with mash potato and Yorkshire pudding

Friday: Homemade chicken curry and rice


Fish, chips, Mushy Peas £6.00

scampi, chips and Mushy Peas £6.00

salt and Vinegar free

Tartar sauce 50p


Icecream Screwball £1.20   (contains chewing gum)

Kids Menu

Chicken Nuggets, chips and beans £2.50      Meal £4.50

Sausage, chips and beans £2.50   Meal £4.50

Hot dog, chips and salad £2.50   Meal £4.50

Popcorn chicken, chips and beans £ 2.50     Meal £4.50

Chicken breast chips and beans  £2.80    Meal £4.80

Chicken or Pork Dinner £4.00

Packed Lunches

Adults £6.50

choice of any sandwich




we deliver to your  home or workplace.

Milkshakes £2.50

Served with vanilla ice cream, Milk and a choice of either






Mint Aero







Drinks and snacks

Crisps 80p

     Salt & vinegar, Cheese and Onion, Ready salted

All canned drinks 33cl 80p

Tango, Dr pepper, 7up, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Energy Drink

Pure orange £1.50

Chocolate bars £1.10

Tea £1.00

Coffee £1.00

Hot chocolate £1.90

Cappuccino £2.20

Latte £2.20

Mocha £2.50

Decaf Coffee £1.50

Special Deals

3Hot  sandwiches and 2 cheeseburgers   £12

sausage or bacon or egg

3Large  hot sandwiches and 2 cheeseburgers £14

sausage or bacon or egg

Family Breakfast Saver  £20.00

10sausage 10 Bacon 5 Hash Browns 5 Eggs 5 Black Pudding Beans Mushrooms Tomatos grilled 10 toast or bread and butter

4 Drinks Hot or Cold  

Family Burger Meal £15

4 Cheeseburgers And Chips

4 Drinks  

Family Picnic  £12  large £15

4 Sml Cold Sandwiches includes tortilla chips

4 Drinks

4 Chocolate Bars or Fruit  

Takeaway is open from 8am - 2pm

Saturday and Sunday 10am- close

Minimum order of £10

20% discounts for orders over £30   Monday to Friday Only

Preorder your Dinners for Sunday throughout the week and get it for £5.00pp( prepayment only)

We are happy to provide a regular service to businesses wanting food at specific times 

Worksop area only for takeaway service.

Contact 01909 733722